How we work?

Determine your need and we create an advertising platform for you with our innovative solutions.

WhiteLabel Usage

Create your own ad brand with a customizable and user-friendly interface.

Inventor Management

Reach multiple publishers in RTB (Real Time Bidding) ecosystem on a single platform.

Real Time Reporting

Get the fastest optimization in campaign and operations of publishing ads with instant reporting.

DSP-SSP Integration

Use your ready-made advertising platform that integrated with many DSPs and SSPs

Audience management

Easily identify the right target audience with advanced data tools.

Revenue Management

Create ad publishing rules with your own SSP platform. Optimize your revenue.

DSP Solutions

We offer DSP (Demand Side Platform) that Real Time Bidding (RTB) compliant and integrated with many SSP (Supply Side Platform) which you can use with your own brand.


Provide reach different publishers which in many ssps on the single platform.

Budget Management

Follow details of spendings with advanced reporting and optimize.

Audience Management

Set the right target audience with advanced targeting options.

Get your own position with whitelabel solutions in RTB world.

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SSP Solutions

We offer SSP (Supply Side Platform) that Real Time Bidding (RTB) compliant and integrated with many DSP (Demand Side Platform) which you can build your publisher’s network with your own brand name and ad space code.

Inventory Management

Create your own publisher's network and set the ad model to publish with innovative and effective ad spaces.

Revenue Management

Get the highest possible prices for your web, mobile and in-app inventory.

Easy Optimization

Keep track of your website's revenue and optimize easily with instant reports and publisher network.

Data Tools

Use Adextech data tools for audience management and audience targeting. Specify the audience you want to target in your campaigns with pixel codes. Perform professional audience management with one or more segments with Adextech data tools.

Add the pixel

Add the pixel code to your website to determine the audience you want to target.

Create Segment

Create segments to target the people who you identify with pixel codes in your campaigns.