Create Your Own Data Segments

Collect visitors who have visited your web site in your own data segments or tracking segments.

What do we offer ?

Adextech offers Pixel / Segment tools that you can classify in segments by identifiying your visitors who have visited your web site with tracking pixels or data pixels.

With Data Tools

Pixel Creation

You can create pixel codes and add them to the relevant areas of your website to keep track of visitors coming to the pages of your website or performing visits such as shopping, searching, button clicking on your website.

Segment Creation

You can collect visitors that you specify with pixel codes into your segment to target when you create a campaign.

Create Your Data Segments

Create your own data segments and publish special campaigns for your trip by targeting these segments in campaigns.

Data Pixel

With the data pixel you will add to web page, you can specify the visitors who perform operations such as searching on the page, clicking on the button.You can create customized ad campaigns for these visitors, or you can prevent your visitors who perform an operation from seeing these campaigns.

Tracking Pixel

With the tracking pixel, you can identify visitors who have visited your web page, you can create special retargeting campaigns fot these visitors or you can prevent these visitors from seeing a campaign.

Segment – Campaign

You can collect the visitors who you have identified with tracking or data pixels what you want, you can target these segment in your campaign or you can prevent segmented visitors from seeing these campaigns.


With tracking anda data pixels collect your visiters in segment on whitelabel solutions.

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