Let’s build your own DSP platform with your own logo and your brand.

Reach millions of publishers from all over the world with DSP that working with RTB (Real Time Bidding) infrastructure and integrated with many SSPs.

81 Million +
Website (Web / Mobil / App)

11.000 +
Exchanges / Sellers

3.500 +
User Count

10 Million +
The Count of Bidded Banners

What do we offer ?

We offer DSP platform to your need which you can use with your own brand name and logo, make advanced advertising planning and have builded on Adextech RTB infrastructure.

Access to All Channels

With Adextech DSP you can create web, mobile and in-app campaigns and access all the channels of the publishers.

Real Time Reporting

You can monitor the performance of your campaigns instantly and optimize quickly.

Advanced Targeting

With targeting options, you can plan your campaigns in the right way and access to the audience you want.

Daily Budget Limit

You can set the daily budget to be consumed by the campaigns and you can stop it when the budget is finished.

Inventory Planning

You can determine which SSP and which websites the campaign will run on, and you can target specific websites by creating a whitelist.

User Friendly Interface

With easy and understandable steps you can quickly create a campaign, follow all the campaigns on a single page.

Targeting Options

The Adextech DSP solution is ideal for advertisers who want to access all devices with targeting options across all channels with different ad models.Provide a wide range of Targeting options which your advertisers can successfully reach their online advertising goals.

Geo Targeting

You can set your ads to run only in certain countries or cities, and you can use different ads for each targeting.

Browser/ OS Targeting

By targeting different browsers, you can publish ads only in the browsers you want, and you can define different ads for each browser.

Time Targeting

You can publish your ads on certain days of the week or at specific times of the day, and you can reach to your visitors at the right moment.

Frequency Capping

You can decide how many times your ad will show on a publisher site or all publishers within a certain time period.

Language Targeting

When publishing your ads, you can target the language that your targeted audience uses and only show ads to visitors who are using the language you have specified.

Technical Targeting

You can specify technical details such as which channels, which operating systems and brands / models of devices the ad will appear in.

Integrated SSPs

Reach millions of publishers from different SSPs on the DSP platform


Ad Types

With the different ad models on the Demand Side Platform (DSP), you can reach many publishers and keep track performance of your ads in real time.

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Get your own position with whitelabel DSP (Demand Side Platform) solutions in RTB world.

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