Let’s create your SSP platform with your own logo and your brand.

Increase the fill rate of your inventory with the SSP platform that integrated with many DSPs which are working with RTB (Real Time Bidding) infrastructure.

15 Million +

12 Million +
DSP Count

50.000 / Instant
The Count of Bidded Banners

20 Million +
Total Spend

What do we offer?

We offer the SSP platform built on the Adextech RTB infrastructure, which you can use with your own brand name and logo, plan your inventory, create rules for advertisements which will pullish in your inventory, and publish ads with special agreements.

Ads avaliabilitiy for all channels

With SSP Adextech allows you to run ads from many DSP platforms in the ad spaces on you web, mobile and in-app inventory.

Revenue Management

Adextech provides detailed revenue tracking for your web sites or ad spaces and fast optimizations according to performance your ad spaces.

DSP Integrations

With SSP platform Adextech allows you to publish ads from many DSP platform which integrated with SSP and determine ad that have high revenue.

User Friendly Interface

With easy and understandable steps,adextech allows you to quickly perform inventory planning operations such as adding site, ad space, creating rules for these areas, and tracking from one interface.

Rule Creation

Adextech provides you to create rules that allow you to get the most revenue from your ad spaces in your inventory, such as price determination, category targeting, or advertiser blocking.

Special Agreements (Deal)

With deals adextech provides you to allow you to publish ads on your inventory at a fixed price and make profitable deals for high performing ad space with advertisers or advertising agencies.

Quick Inventory Planning with SSP

With the Adextech SSP solution, you can plan the ads you will publish on your inventory in all channels, and create professional rules such as price and blocking for ads from integrated DSPs.

Price Determination

You can set the floor price for the ad spaces in your inventory and ensure that ads under this price do not run.

Blocking Rules

You can block ads by creating blocking rules for ads that you do not want published in the ad space.

Deal Creation

You can market ad space on your inventory at a fixed price by creating deals with advertisers or agencies.

Category Identification

You can ensure to publish ads that in the category you want in the ad space.

Video ad Rules

You can create rules for your ads on your video inventory, such as ad skips, ad duration, and ad position.

Real Time Reporting

You can monittor revenue of your ad spaces and web sites with real time reporting.


Get your own position with whitelabel SSP (Supply Side Platform) solutions in RTB world.

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